At the moment our meetings will be held online

Next meeting will start Wed, May 27th, 19:00h

Please read below instructions and important information you need to know prior to the meeting.

Link will be available 30 min prior to the meeting.

Choose: I'm not the meeting host, Join Meeting as an Attendee

Things to know before the meeting

How to join the meeting?


Once you click on the red button above "JOIN MEETING" you will be redirected to another page. 

Click on "Open Zoom Meetings" or follow any instructions on the screen. 

Choose a comfortable quiet place with a steady background. We recommend using a headset with microphone.

We recommend joining 5 min prior to the meeting.

During the meeting

 Once you join your microphone will be set on Mute, and Video On. During the first part of the meeting please stay on mute and unmute your self only if you are invited to speak. Please do not disturb the speaker.

We recommend keeping your video on in order to have a more effective meeting, however you can switch it off if you feel more comfortable.

During the whole meeting you can use the chat section where you can send a message to "everyone" or a specific person. 

Table topics

Table topics is a section where we practice impromptu speech and everyone including guests can participate. Once we announce this section if you wish to speak please use the option raise hand, which you can find once you click on participants. The person leading the section will invite you to speak. Please start with your name.